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又一个24小时代办事项小软,界面精美,可以按周来排列,有兴趣的朋友可以收一个试试。 内容提要 If this was the only thing I have done today, would I be satisfied with today? When you look back at your past day, you know that you have wasted too much time on unnecessary things. That problem is not yours alone. There is a limit in our concentration. Therefore, we need a tool to help us work more effectively. The most important thing is to determine w

One Thing 主张一天完成一件最重要的事需要用四个小时,相比其他的单一番茄钟,这款胜在 UI 好看,可以为你的工作增添一点乐趣。点进软件后二话不多说,简要介绍了工作原理后就可以开始25分钟的工作时段了。画面中间是数字倒计时,上方灰色的“1”点击后可以编辑当前任务的名称,完成后勾选右边的圆圈表示完成。下方圆饼图显示时长,点击可以终止当前番茄钟。 应用提供了日历视图,按月显示任务完成情况,并提供任务数、时长总额一览,当日任务完成会显示划掉的叉,成就感十足。每完