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怪物塔防 – Tower Defense: Monster [iOS]

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3D 视角的塔防游戏,用独特的方式呈现出另一番感觉的游戏,推荐大家用不同的角度玩玩看。


You may have played other “TD” games but get ready to play TowerDefense: Monster
Your mission is killing mosters to protect your world by building towers.
Understand how difficult you will have to face, we provide you not only the best towers but also very strong and amazing items that can help you easily be on top of monsters.
Are you ready to be next generation of hero to protect our world!
Play and be a hero with us!
• Features:
◦ Amazing graphics with effects can be fixed with any devices.
◦ You can actively choose how smooth your graphic display.
◦ More and more towers, included attack towers and support towers.
◦ Share your moments and archives via Facebook to play your friends


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