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虐心到底 – 肥鸟爱吃鱼 HD – Fisher Birds HD [iOS]

12.10.2015, 限时免费, by , 热度:308℃.


一款类似flappy birds的游戏。控制一只胖胖的鸟,并吃到鱼。

In “Fisher Birds”, you can control your own bird, fly over the sea and dive for fish.
Unlock new birds with the fish you catch and enjoy a new style of fly and fishing.
No Pressure! You can fly in the sky all you want and dive for fish when you feel like it. Just look out for vicious crows!

Compete with your friends to find out who the best fisher or flyer are!

If you are running low on fish, visit our Facebook page or watch our videos to receive complementary fish from us! Also we reward our fans with 50 free daily fish.