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时间 – Horology [iPhone]

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软件一共有三大类功能:1、计算两个日子之间的长度,比如输入自己的生日和今天的日期,你将看到自己在这世界上折腾了多少年多少月多少天,或者可以计算你和那个 TA 在一起了多少年多少月多少天;2、计算一个日子往后的长度,比如你可以算算 10 年 10 个月 10 天之后是哪天?3、将一段时间用年、月、周、日、小时、分钟、秒来表示。软件支持很多的历法,包括农历,但是不能够进行转换,只能计算农历某年某日到农历某年某日之间的农历天数等。


Horology is a date/time calculator and converter.

* Compare two dates: enter two dates and see the difference in years, months, days, hours, etc.
* Calculate a new date: enter a starting date and add or subtract years, months, days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds to see what the resulting date will be.
* Convert time values: enter a value and see what it converts to, e.g., how many seconds are in 7 days, or the number of hours in a month.

Horology also supports multiple calendar types, such as Gregorian, Buddhist, Hebrew, Islamic, Japanese, etc.


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